Kidney foundation Canada

Paddlers Promoting Organ and Tissue Donation

The key goal of paddlers promoting organ and tissue donation in Canada is to help create more awareness about a disease that is affecting the masses. Kidney diseases are quite prevalent and the reported cases continue to rise as days go by. And unless we take concerted effort, many people will continue to succumb to its effect. One of the organizations that are at the forefront in the war against kidney-related ailments is the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

What the Kidney Foundation of Canada Does

The mission of Kidney Foundation of Canada is to create more awareness about kidney health and help people affected by the disease lead a better life. The organization is comprised of volunteers, donors, employed staff members and people already living with the disease.

Focus is primary placed on people suffering from kidney-related ailments and those at risk of contracting the ailment. The Foundation is incorporated under the Canadian Law and is registered as a charity as per the Income Tax Act. It relies on its extensive network that is spread across Canada to reach out to affected people and provide various services and programs.

Why It Is Worth Supporting

By supporting the foundation, you help in providing the following:


As a volunteer, sponsor, employee or partner, you give affected or those at risk of getting kidney new reason to live. This is delivered through education, making it possible to seek timely treatment and also encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Individuals living with a kidney disease as well as their spouses require support that comes in form of financial, social, emotional, healthcare and wellness. Funds and donations raised through various campaigns help to cater for all these plus more.


You also play a role in empowering afflicted individuals to have a positive outlook on life and to continue living well even if they already are suffering. With proper motivation and encouragement, a person is able to seek early treatment, minimize more exposure and prevent new eruptions.

How You Can Donate

As a stand up paddler, you may also choose to play a role in combating the kidney disease scourge. Do you know that demand for transplant outweighs the supply? Also are you aware that more than 80% of the victims are currently on the waiting list? You can offer a helping hand by donating organs from loved ones, financial assistance for treatment such as dialysis, spreading information, participating in campaign drives as well as financial assistance. For more information about the Kidney Foundation of Canada and its services you may visit The website also provides details on the different programs and how you can contact the organization.

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