A Closer Look At the Reel Paddling Film Festival


There aren’t as many film festivals that are quite as unique as the Reel Paddling Film Festival. This is a festival that tours all around the United States and Canada and showcases paddling videos.

The Main Concept

The key concept of the Reel Paddling Film Festival is that it is about the amazing activity of boat paddling. It entails traveling around rivers, lakes and other vast bodies of water.

The films in the festival are about exploring the lifestyle of outdoor travel and how amazing the natural world truly is. It entails many films that bring people out to different paddling destinations around North America and even other spaces around the world.

A Great History

The Reel Paddling Film Festival has been in operation since 2006. It has grown over the years from being a festival based predominantly out of Ottawa into one that travels around the continent. The festival has grown to include many great sponsors including Ontario Travel, the Canadian Canoe Museum and American Canoe Association among others.

What Films Are There?

The films highlighted at the festival include ones that highlight many important aspects of paddling. There are traditional documentaries about paddling as well as adventure travel. Instructional films are included in many forms.

Some films are designed to help people learn more about the many specific types of paddling activities they can get into. These include standup paddleboarding and sea kayaking among others. Some videos are even about fishing while canoeing. The adventures highlighted in these films about canoeing provide inspiration for the audience to take a fresh look at the sport and perhaps give a new angle a try.

Where Is the Festival?

The Reel Paddling Film Festival organization is always updating its list of places where the films are displayed at. The festival travels to many spots in the United States where paddling and outdoor sports are often found in. These include places like Ohio, Washington state and northern Illinois among other unique spots.

Most of the places that the festival travels to are in Canada. The festival travels into places all around Ontario and British Columbia for the most part but it also gets into many other provinces. The festival even makes it to Northwest Territories, a part of Canada where many of the most beautiful and pristine waters for paddling can be found.

The thrill of paddling is alive and well all around the continent. The Reel Paddling Film Festival is an occasion that highlights many paddle related thrills and makes us what to get out and explore our boundaries.

Screen grabbed from ReelPaddlingFilmFest Youtube

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