Camping in Yellowknife, Canada

The large campgrounds in the Yellowknife region have something for everyone. If sitting by a campfire is your ideal night, there are several parks to make use of. Each park offers multiple campgrounds for booking, lakes to throw your reel into, and all types of water sports to enjoy with the family! The wildlife and environment lead to an engaging and relaxing experience, for those helpful weekend getaways. Below I will go over some of the must do activities on your trip to Yellowknife!

Paddling Yellowknife Lakes

The lakes are open during those perfect summer months of June through September, right when you need to cool down. Yellowknife offers a lot of different water activities, so let’s discuss them now.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Not everyone is an experienced at canoeing on the open water, however, the camps offer a lot of packages to help you have a great and safe day. There are long weekend trips for the experienced water enthusiasts, very scenic routes, and gorgeous waterfalls to take your breath away. Canoeing or Kayaking is a great way to get out in the environment, cool down, and bond with a couple of friends.

While paddling the Yellowknife Lakes is one of the biggest activities during the summer, you could always take a chance at your luck with fishing, let the wind breeze through your hair with some classic windsurfing, or rent a boat or cruise. For more information on all the diverse lakes check out this video.

In the Mountains

Grab your Hiking Boots, because Yellowknife is known for their great trails. Some have bike routes or are an even dog-walking friendly. That way, not even your pet has to be left out on the fun. The mountains lead to spectacular views making great pictures for the online profile. While hiking you will surely see a lot of wildlife, and some of it is allowed to be hunted. A license will be required to hunt the small game available, and there is a big game available for the more experienced hunters (such as Moose, Grizzly Bears, Wolves, and wood Bison). Yellowknife is one of the most extensive campgrounds in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Spot the eye-catching Aurora Borealis, sing by a campfire, or soak in all the heritage. A day or weekend in Yellowknife can be the highlight of your year, so book your time now!
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